Friday, May 12, 2006

Tough Break for the Yankees

Very early on in the year I made mention that if the Yankees lost one of their position players that they'd be in pretty big trouble.

Well, it happened...Matsui is out for 3-months...Couple that with Sheffield's woes (and his DL stint) and there outfield is going to be Bubba Crosby, Damon, and Williams for a little while. This means, flat out, that every runner on second (on a hit to the outfield) will challenge. For a Yankees's pitching staff that isn't lights out, this could spell very big trouble for them...

(As a side note: Did Damon hurt his ailing shoulder last night when he took the HR away from Mirabelli?)

Now, aside from their outfield woes, I don't care how many superstars they have in their lineup, Matsui is going to hurt. He's unbelievably consistent, and an incredibly tough out. It's one less lefty to have to deal with...They will still score their runs. With juicing Giambi, A-Rod, Jeter, and Damon, why wouldn't they? But I think this exposes the bottom of that lineup a bit more.


  1. Also, X, I thought you would enjoy this .

  2. Of course, the Yankees could always trade for Soriano, right? The Nationals surely would give him up for...someone that the Yankees have...and then they still have their outfielders tied up for a few years at lots of $$$$, so it would make sense to get Soriano for lots of $$$$, too.

    This is where the payroll thing gets silly in NY.

  3. The payroll is very silly. To have a payroll that high and have no depth. Last year their payroll was over $200 million and ended up relying on guys like Chacon, Small, Wang, Canu and Crosby.

    Who will they depend on this year when injuries mount?

  4. Nice job with the Mushnick article. That guy is funny - he freakin hates everyone.

    On the XM this AM, they were also talking about who the Yanks would buy. Soriano along with Hunter, Shannon Stewart, Reggie Sanders and (ridiculously with their hot start) Ken Griffey. I say, fuck it, get them all. Why not. Its totally silly.

    The sad thing about this is that Matsui's porn collection may now go to waste for a few months.

  5. I am just throwing a large AND out there...Don't they have to have someone they can trade?

    With the NY farm system being what it is, and the likelihood they are going to need pitching can they really make a trade for an outfielder like Hunter or Soriano?

  6. It is a valid question. The Yanks have two propsects that are in the baseball america top prospects - phil hughes (SP) and eric duncan 3B, who is now playing 1B because of E-rod's presence.

    Beyond that they have a few decent arms in the very low minors - two of their teams at the lowest levels of A ball won their leagues.

    My guess is that they will deal Hughes under virtually no scenario, but may consider moving Duncan. Regardless of who they will move, I don't anticipate them making any moves for at least a month - they will want to wait and see when Sheff can come back (and how good he will be - i.e., is he really hurt or is this just Operation shutdown for Sheff until they give him more $$). They will also want to see if Matsui is expected back this year. And the biggest question of all is whether they will need to make a move for a pitcher. So the answer is, yes, they have players to move. They also have a ton of cash. They simply need to determine what their biggest need is now.