Thursday, May 18, 2006

I'm looking forward to....

Like every year (especially when Joe Torre is not involved) the All Star selections. Sure we still have about six weeks which means we are only half way there. While Francona did a decent job (some would say he went the opposite of what we normally see by initially omitting Clement and picking Justin Dushererererere over Timlin) and there are always debates and outrages, I can only imagine Ozzie Guillen's choices and all of his comments that will come with it.

The White Sox are the hottest (maybe best) team in baseball. You could make an argument that 6 of their 8 position players are deserving (Konerko, Iguchi, Pierzynski, Crede, Dye Podsednik - granted some less so than others especially based on positions) and their DH (although their is no DH since it is in an NL park). Not to mention Vazquez, Buerhle, Contreras (if he comes back from injury soon) and Garcia (despite a 4+ ERA he is 6-1). And even though his ERA is very high for a reliever, Bobby Jenks is second in saves.

And Jenks is the most interesting one - Ozzie loves him. Loves the fact that he has overcome so much negative *stuff.* And this is the one that I can see being the most controversial. Maybe he picks Jenks over Papelbon, Rivera, BJ Ryan, or K-Rod. And he'll make some comment that will piss everyone off.

We still are only half way there, but isn't that what makes baseball so great. Do people argue over who should make the NBA all star team or go to the pro bowl? Certainly not with as much passion. Maybe its because "this time it means something." Thanks to Bud Selig, the genius.


  1. Oh man, you're totally right. I didn't think could be a worse couple of All-StarGame managers than Torre and Valentine (2001). But I think it's about to happen - Guillen and Garner. Wow.

  2. It should be interesting. The frightening thing is that you really could make a case for all of those guys.

    AJ - hey why not. No catcher is having a truly stand out season.

    Thome - isn't even on the ballot, but is almost a lock to be picked.

    Konerko will probaly lose to Ortiz or Giambi. could be controversial.

    Iguchi - like C, no real standouts.

    Podsednik lacks the power of an OF, but he actually would be a perfect fit for an All star team. If you need a SB late in the game... and with a 30 man roster he is a luxury you can afford. of course i would not take him over Carl Crawford. The guy has scored a bunch of runs

    Crede - troy glaus, chavez, blalock and A-Rod make it crowded, but with a .300 avg and decent HR and RBI....

    Dye - OF might be just too crowded. with Podsenik you could argue his skills could help win the game. With Dye I would have to counter with why not Gomes, Manny, swisher, vlady, Ichiro, vernon wells or ordonez.

    And the pitching hard to argue there. I see jenks going for some reason. And if it is over Papelbon that would be unfortunate.

  3. I'd (gulp) pick Posada over AJ. [Whoda ever thought Posada would be better than Varitek?]

    The others, yeah. But at the pace he's going, Loretta could overtake Iguchi?

  4. I mostly agree with the hypotheticals, except for catcher:

    AJ - Not even close to the best cathcer in AL this season, not to mention the fact that there are at least 3 catchers with more name recognition (Tek, Posada, IRod) all doing as well if not better than him.

    Thome - Obvious All-star choice, I guess he gets placed as a back-up to 1B

    Konerko - I agree he will lose out to Ortiz or Giambi

    Iguchi - Actually could make it because the lack of standouts

    Crede - No chance (Glaus, ARod, Chavez)

    Posesdnik/Dye - One of them will make the team

    Pitching - We will see Jenks out there, as well as couple others.

    So I count up to 3 field players and potential 3 pitchers. That is if Iguchi continues to play well and something doesn't happen to their pitching rotation.