Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Usually I my posts about Sox articles by this guy involve some incredibly awesome pun like "Chasshole". (Get it?!? It sounds like "asshole"! But it's also his name!!!! Isn't that, like, incredibly awesome?) But this article is just too pathetic. I mean, you can practically hear his whining coming through the computer screen.


  1. Not to indulge Chasshole's idiocy, but if a team ends the season with 2 rain outs that were never made up at 81-79 and a their division rival ended up at 82-80, who wins the division?

  2. Silly Dino! The season wouldn't end with 2 rainouts in that case. Rainouts are only canceled if their outcome wouldn't matter.

  3. I assume that is the NL West you are talking about.

  4. My favorite part in the intro:

    Whatever it was it worked. Teh Red sox won 7-3.

    surely when the Yankees showed up and saw that scoreboard in direct conflict of the standings they had read in the paper that morning, the Yanks realized they are NOT the better team and that they could not and would not win that game.

  5. I like "silly dino", now all we need is a tag line like, "OBP is for schmucks".

    Or maybe it should be, "Silly dino, Murry Chass is for schmucks!"

    Or maybe, "Silly dino, SHUT THE F*&% UP already!!!"

  6. How does this guy write for the Times? It blows my mind.

    This is way worse than CHB...

    With all there was to write about, he chooses this?

    I wonder why he didn't once mention Damon and his 0-4 return?