Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Injury-Ridden Yankees

I am tired of hearing about it...Last night the Sox started Willie Harris in CF because Wily Mo and Coco are hurt.

Yes, Sheffield and Matsui are hurt, but they started arguably their second best starter and they got pounded.


That is a more than formidable lineup. Does someone want to argue that Willie Harris is better than Terrence Long?

Ridiculous. Yes, Chacon is on the DL, and they are probably upset that Wright has to start tonight. But Wright is a guy they signed for big $$$...The Yankees chose to spend the majority of their money on Damon this off-season and stick with their pitching. Now they are paying for it.

I've had enough...The Sox have put together a team with great depth and it is paying large dividends so far. If Wells comes back strong, this Boston team is in unbelievable shape for a great season.


  1. Hey, don't forget about Pavano being out! No one saw that coming!!! And whoda thought Wright would be hurt? Just because he "failed his physical" doesn't mean something's wrong with him. And who could have predicted that a 42-year old pitcher might have decreased velocity on his fastball? Face it, the Yankees are cursed. Cursed I say.

  2. Not sure I follow? What are you sick of hearing?

    I agree with you otherwise. It's great to see that the Sox have been able to add some depth to weather the inevitable injuries.

  3. IBID - check out the title of his post.

  4. I see, you're sick of hearing it as their excuse. I am a little slow this morning. Too many beers at the game last night. That's right, you read that correctly :-)

  5. Just read any article about yesterday's game. It was obviously (and I missed this in the pre-game reports) the "injury-ridden Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox".

    Their lineup is still ridiculous.

    ``That team right now is decimated," says Schilling.

    "I think we're playing at a pretty good level right now, but we're shorthanded," says Torre.

    "he (Schilling)rebounded at Fenway and left the injured Yankees looking for reinforcements" says ESPN.com.

    "far too much for the manpower-disadvantaged Yankees to handle" says George King.

    "the hobbled second-place Yankees were trying to keep up" writes Joel Sherman.

    I know a lot of teams around baseball that would love to be injured like the Yankees. And like I said in my original...the Sox are missing Pena, Coco, and Wells.

  6. Here's more...

    "the Yanks' three-four hitters, Alex Rodriguez and Jason Giambi, have not done recently to elevate a lineup devastated by injury." Sherman

    "The Red Sox lineup, on the other hand, had all its necessary pieces." Sam Borden, Daily News.

    Yikes...it is like one guy reads one article and copies it over and over...

  7. Well, the Yanks *are* hurting, there's no doubt - and I think Schilling's comments were reasonable. The only reason they get the "injury-ridden" label is because, as you said, they had no Plan B. Funny how no one mentions that. (In fairness, Terrence Long may count as a "Plan D".)