Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This could be over before it starts

Reports are that the Stros have offered Clemens his same $18 MM salary pro-rated over the remaining portion of the season. The offered coupled with the Stros strong start would, to me, make them very likely to retain his services.


  1. I agree...I thought that he might wait to see if the Astros were going to be a contender, and to see the $$$. Truth be told, he already has so much money that (without them offering a very low $$$ amount), he was going to look to Houston first and everyone else would have to blow him away...

    Meanwhile, how nuts is this Sox game. Back and forth...tied now in the 8th. Wily Mo drops one outs, first and second, and big hitting Gonzalez to the plate...showing bunt...

  2. and he pops it up...boooo

    Come on, Youk!

  3. And Papelbon is getting knocked around here...

  4. and I am talking to myself...

  5. Wow, GR, that would have been the last out...

    You are right, GR, but Mohr gets to first on a swinging strike/passed ball.

    Jeez, now Harris just stole second and Zaun threw the ball in CF.

    Yes, I know...but there are also two strikes on Tek.

    Make that three. Game over.