Monday, May 01, 2006

Warm reception on a chilly night?

Joe and Jerry (Castiglione and Trupiano) during yesterdays game talked about Damon's reception tonight. They both thought that he would initially be received with a round of applause, but after his first at bat he becomes a Yankee.

This IS the news story of the day, at least in Boston. Taking a quick run through the stories in each city:

NY times leads with this story about how Damon is helping to relieve tension in the clubhouse (Don't ask me for the details).

NY Times also has an interesting piece on Wake and catching him

NY Daily News leads with the sports page on Damon's return

Globe has this drivel from Shaughnessy, which starts out about the rivalry and turns to Johnny Damon, "center of the universe"

The Herald has this piece that's similar to the NYtimes piece (e.g. "The same old idiot") but is focused on his return

Finally, Yahoo didn't even let Passan take a crack, instead off loaded it to an AP writer. By the way, Passan writes about Kim Ng the assistant GM for the Dodgers. Kudos to Passan, the Ng story is WAY more interesting than the Damon drivel.

So, will Damon have a warm reception?


  1. To boo or cheer? A sidelight. WIN. That's the important part of these next 2 nights.

  2. Is that a haiku? I am guessing that you are meaning a non-highlight about Damon?

    I think it is interesting. Most guys get a warm welcome their first time back and then get heavily booed. Damon is a tough call. I want to see what happens.

    I won't be at the game, and I won't have animosity toward anyone that does either of them. Boo away or cheer? Hell, your the ones paying the money. Do what you want.