Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'll Try to Get My Sox News From Somewhere Else

Like here...

The newspapers and radio stations in this town (Boston) have gone insane. Now that the idiots are gone, and have been replaced by those who carry themselves like professionals, it is next to impossible for the reporters to create controversy.

Yes, Manny will not run everything out, and Loretta doesn't dive to knock down grounders with runners on second (allowing them to score), but you can't dislike the personalities on this Sox team.

And it is killing the writers and talk show guys...

The newest thing the writers do is bash the front office. While they are trying to keep ticket prices somewhat reasonable (and from an economic stance, if you can get $200 for a seat, and only charge $100, you are hurting your organization) by finding other revenue to avoid the aforementioned $200 price tags, they are getting killed for it.

Conspiracy theories abound...The latest and greatest? That the Sox KNEW that game against the Yankees was going to get rained out the other night, but let fans in to sell drinks and food and hats, etc...

Now, here's why that is garbage. If that were the case, they could have put off calling that game for another hour or so. The game was called at 7:45 or so. Second, it was against the Yankees, and they probably make a ton of money on advertising on NESN. The Yankees have the same deal with the YES Network. It pays for BOTH organizations to play that game.

Finally (although there are probably many more practical reasons), ARAMARK, the concession stand vendors pay UP FRONT every year for the right to sell food and drinks at Fenway. That means that the front office doesn't benefit from sales from each game. Rather, they get a lump some (like rent from the vendor) before the season starts.

Check out CHB's column today...or the Herald...or D and C on EEI. All ridiculous.


  1. I read the column, and thought, Doesn't this guy have anything better to do with his time?? I mean, it seems he wants to cause negative ripples that eventually expand to serious stuff that's good for nobody. And in the end, causes hurt, distrust, and everything the club, and we, the fans, DO NOT need. What a schmuck.

  2. Agreed that is total nonsense. But happens all the time. With the requisite articles. ChB had the same article last year. Here is our thread:

  3. D & C were pretty ruthless with Larry yesterday morning. They really went after him about that, which ticked me off.