Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jeff Passan Jeff Passan Jeff Passan

I like his article on Roger's return. But before you get mad at me for saying that, FJM has a hilarious takedown of an earlier article of his. And it took me two months to realize this, but his writing at Yahoo takes the place of Ryne Sandberg's <shudder> "Exclusive Analysis", which was basically "Back when I was a Cub...", so we should all be thankful, I guess.


  1. On another note, thank you John Gibbons for giving Vernon Wells the night off. While I'm sure he was very tired from circling the bases three times last night and chasing down a deep fly ball at the wall, I would have thought someone in a grove like that would have wanted to stay in the lineup. Especially against a pitcher making his major league debut.

    I know its a marathon and not a sprint, but if I'm the blue jays don't I treat games with Boston the same way the Sox treat them with NY?

  2. Seriously. Of course, on the flip side we have Terry Francona leaving in his AA starter - who was pitching admirably until he obviously began getting tired - for way too long. Really wanted him to get those 5IP, huh?

  3. The five innings is part of it, the other part is who the hell is he going to bring in? I guess with the offday you could have Papelbon go two innings if it gets closer. So we have Van Bueller in now and then we'll see Tavarez, Delcarmen, Foulke leading up to Papelbon. Riske is probably out since he has gone two in a row. and Seanez is probably out because, well, he sucks. although he did pitch okay until the other night.

    We may see Wake in a relief role tonight.

  4. Yeah, the complete and total lack of options is pretty stunning. We can be sure the Brain Trust is working on it pretty much full time.

  5. Its scary how quickly things change. we had surplus starters in March. Now we have a need there.

    We also had relief depth/options (two of the non starters, foulke, timlin, tavarez, seanez, riske, van buren, and to a lesser extent di nardo, delcarmen).

    Stunning is right.

    And for all the crap about Arroyo, I'm very happy Dustan Mohr did not get WMP's 100 ABs.