Monday, May 01, 2006

Warmest Reception on a Chilly Night!

Welcome back, Doug Mirabelli!!! In a trade for Josh Bard and Cla Meredith, the Red Sox have re-acquired Doug. Oh, and cash...

I can hear all the people on EEI now...For weeks they've been clamoring for a Mirabelli deal. Big-O, and the rest all said it would never happen and that it would look desperate if it did...So, let the desperate shouts begin...Who cares? With the way Wake has been pitching, and how Mirabelli can catch him, let another pitcher who can win games enter the fray.

Now if we can only hit before the ninth inning.

I can't wait for Doug to get the biggest cheer out of Fenway tonight. As opposed to that Damon guy. It is unfortunate that he couldn't keep his mouth closed after he left.


  1. I can't believe it's such a quiet day on GYS. Especially, with SO much going on.

    The Red Sox official site, used "reportedly" when confirming the story. Not sure if that was because the "cash" part wasn't finalized yet.

    So, now we've traded Meredith and Bard for Loretta and some cash. That's not terrible :-)

  2. And we've added a little pop to the lineup in terms of someone who can hit a homer every once in a while...

  3. Two things:

    1. The SO much going on? What is that a reference to? The fact that for a Monday there is a full slate of games? I mean really. Usually Mondays (and Thursdays) are buys off days. But this week has every team playing two, two game series. Its odd. I don't ever recall seeing that. Oh yeah and the Sox are playing the Yankees. But for some reason, this two game series seems disjointed. Its not enough to really judge anything.

    If the Sox win two, well its because they didn't face Johnson or Mussina and it was at home and Sheff was hurt. If the Yanks win two, well the Sox don't have Coco, and Schilling or Wells did not pitch and Manny has not caught fire. And if they split (which is highly likely and is my prediction), well then.... nothing really.

    As for that other "subplot" - As vowed earlier, I don't comment on off the field shennanigans of one certain player. Its old already.

    Lastly, the trade was really Meredith and Shoppach and cash and then cash again for Loretta. Again (assuming Loretta starts hitting like Mark Loretta and not Loretta Lynn), not terrible.

  4. The Red Sox today re-acquired Doug Mirabelli from the Padres in exchange for catcher Josh Bard, minor-league pitcher Cla Meredith, and either a player to be named later or cash (which figures to be in the six-figure range). The Yankees were also trying to acquire Mirabelli.


  5. You've lost the vibe X. This town is abuzz when the Yankees come to town, whether it be some random 2-game series or not. Though I agree with you that this is a whacky week. Not sure what the schedulers were thinking.

    That being said, "what's going on" is that the Sox are playing the MFY, in the past 3 years they have split the series 35-36. Yes, they face each other 19 times but it's the MFY!

  6. You're right. The Sox vs the Yanks is a big deal. And it should be. I was being a bit facetious especially considering the return of Damon. As GR said a while back everyone should just get over it.

    Beyond that, my thoughts were that it is a two game series that really proves nothing. Come Wednesday, we will know no more or no less about this team or the Yanks. Last year we had early season hype (split 6 games in the first week plus) and in 2004 the Sox won 7 of 8 in April vs the Yanks.

    So the bottom line is that we should enjoy these games as fans, but they likely won't reveal a lot - hell even the 8 games in the next three weeks likely won't reveal much.

  7. If I were there, I really don't know if I would cheer or boo. At the request of Dino, here are my thoughts on Damon:

    Part of me would want to cheer him for being one of the 25. Yeah.

    But then, he did leave to go to the Yankees. Boo.

    He did play hard for 4 years and produce and embrace a city that is hard for some. Yeah.

    But he acted as if $40 Million was some insult. Boo.

    The talk radio types will boo him incessantly. Yeah.

    Johnny, shut up already. Boo.

    You talk about how it wasn't about the money and that you would take less to stay in Boston. Yeah.

    You took the highest offer. Boo

    You want to be loved and talk about how great Boston is. Yeah

    You broke up with us. Boo

    Your wife is hot. Yeah.

    Your wife is dumb. Boo.

    So for each pro there is a con. For each ying a yang.

    But it is the Yankees. And for that, I think the Boobirds will win out.

  8. As posted on the blog at the Globe website, Damon was fairly heavily booed during warmups

  9. Argh - I'm stuck in a conference. Hence my lack of posting.

    Wow, Josh Bard gets his own article in NYT and is shipped out of town that day. At first I felt a little bad for him, but my guess is he's absolutely thrilled.

  10. Fans throw fake $100 bills onto the warning track when Damon took the field.

    Damon, took his hat off and pointed to the crowd in a classy fashion when he was at bat.

    Mirabelli arrived in a police cruiser, 10 minutes before the start of the game. He was dressed in his uniform when he showed up.

  11. Guidry to wang: "Stop, um walking guys"

  12. Strike that. Guidry to Wang, "Stop messing with the balls"

  13. On the radio it sounded like way more boos to start and then with his tipping of the cap a few cheers came.

    I wonder how Bobby from the Bronx feels about one of the Yanks saluting Sox fans.

  14. And yeah, lots of walks. Kind of like Cabrera a few weeks ago.

    I smell a Lowell wall ball.

  15. What's up with the slider working all of a sudden?!

  16. Yea, way more boos than cheers, and as soon as Damon tipped his hat it changed.

    What are these CRAZY umpires doing?

  17. They just reported that Mirabelli arrived at Logan at 6:48! It's not possible to get from Logan to Fenway in 12 minutes. Oh wait, yes it is if you're DRIVING INSANELY FAST and you don't have to deal with traffic.

    Apparently, he changed in the car and arrived at 7.

  18. Mirabelli/Wakefield great pitch out combo!

  19. I don't like that we are letting him off the ropes.

  20. Man, we should be all ove WANG. We need more patience.

  21. "Bunt base hit change the whole game," Comments Jerry Remy.

    PS - that would have been a wall ball if the wind wasn't blowing so hard. Then again, it would be like 12-12 instead of 3-3.


    You read it here first: If we lose this game papers will be all ove Manny for not running harder.

    Although in my opinion first to third on a play like that is as good as you can get.

  23. We didn't get Wake the win, but that was a great game!