Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sox-Yanks - Part 2 of 19

I get the joy of listening to John Sterling and Suzie Waldman. Happy days. Sterling is great. "The game is sold out, but the fans are not all here yet because of the traffic." Thanks John.

Also jst heard that the Unit had his side session on his second off day, to give his arm a little extra rest in hopes of being stronger and better command of his slider. My guess is that this will lead to control problems. Maybe?


  1. Damn - double play. Sterling: "Ortiz steps in. Even though he is a lefty, you will not take him out of the lineup against Randy. You just can't do that."

    Thanks again, John. Last time Randy pitched against the Sox in NY (1-0 shutout), Papi did rest.

  2. Two walks.

    Am I a prophet? Probably not. He had trouble with the slider last outing as well. Four batters in and no sliders for strikes.

  3. Lord is he insufferable. The "Giambino." Ridiculous. I am tempted to hit the mute botton on my radio.