Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sox-Yanks - Part 3 of 19

Well, Ortiz has stuck again. And damn Mike Lowell for ending his streak of doubles.

3-1 but I feel we need to keep piling on.

Anbd what would a Yankee post be with out the pearls that Sterling gives. Damon's fly out to Manny: "Damon hits a drive to deep left, over Ramirez's head and Manny makes the catch." Huh?


  1. Good Lord. More Giambino.

    Sterling just said "no one in baseball is having a year as good as Giambi." Um. Have you heard of Albert Pujols? Or Jim Thome?

  2. I am sorry, and maybe it is completely unfair, but I am very suspicious of Giambi regaining size, bat speed, and power. And no one can say it is an improvement in pitch selection because even when he was sucking, he was walking alot.