Saturday, May 20, 2006

hoo boy

Michael Barrett apparently punched AJ Pierszinski in the jaw. They're not showing the game here in LA, but the video should be appearing on the web soon...

Update: oh, and Bonds tied the Babe, and the Yanks won despite batting Cairo 6th. But I'm much more excited about the fight between the two idiot Chicago catchers.

Update 2: Beckett with an RBI single to tie the game at 1. I expect we'll hear the term "helping his own cause" about 200 times tomorrow.

Update 3: The video's up.


  1. I think that both guys are being professional about it (based on sports center coverage). Not to say that Barrett's sucker punch was professional. He at least admits he shouldn't have done it.

    I feel confusion over Bond's historic moment. I'll remember this for a long time, but not fondly.

    I hate the Yankees.

  2. Huh. You may have been the first person to use the word "professional" to describe Pierzinski.

  3. While I don't like Pierdajfadskjfdsjfski, I have to say that he didn't do anything wrong. As a matter of fact, it looks like after he gets punched that everyone else fought beside him...

    He was totally sucker-punched.

  4. I had no idea that pierdajkdsfjnvcski was known as an ass.

    Hey Greive, is there any unwritten rule between catchers about colliding at the plate? Barrett said (before punching) "I didn't have the Mother F'in ball". Was he trying to say, you shouldn't have creamed me?

  5. The point of knocking someone over is to knock the ball out of their glove and/or prevent the tag. So obviously you don't do it if you know the ball's not there or well on its way. AJ probably thought it was a much closer play than it actually wass.

    You're joking about not knowing the Pierzinski's an ass, right? He's probably the most hated man in baseball (possibly, among the players, worse than Bonds), which almost certainly played a role in Barett's doing what he did. One thing that's so shocking about this whole thing is that AJ really did nothing wrong.

  6. Ah, the old Pierzynski is back! From

    "With two out in the White Sox fourth, Pierzynski belted a home run to straightaway center off a 1-0 pitch from Zambrano...when Pierzynski crossed the plate, he touched his heart and looked skyward, mocking Zambrano."

  7. Well, not for nothing, but Zambrano started that crap by doing that motion after striking Pierfadfkhalkd out earlier in the game.

    Unspoken rule about collisions? When I played it was, "If the catcher is blocking the plate, and you want to score, then run him over"...And while Barrett didn't have the ball, it was right there...It is in the picture when Pieredhadlfa hits him. If I recall, as a catcher, if I didn't have the ball, and the ball truly was not going to get there, I got out of the way because there was no reason to block the plate. You see this almost everytime someone scores. The catcher is not blocking the plate.

    There is no way to blame Peirdkahklahkadfnkladklhjfasklgaklgjakldhaeroiuadjkf for this one...

  8. Honestly, I had no clue. Maybe I'm just so focused on Everett to notice.