Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Rheal Dheal

Oh ho ho, I now see zat you Boston Red-Stockings have just made a, how-you-say, blockbusting trade for none other than Monseuir Eric Gagné! Zut Alors! Apparently six years without a French Canadian relief pitcher is a bit too mahch, no? My uncanny québécois skills of deduction lead me to zee conclusion zat it is actually me, Rheal Cormier, whom you miss, no? And yet, why is for you do not trade for moi? I have been here, in Cincinnatti, all zis time! But, it is I, Rheal Cormier, who will have zee final laugh. "Ha ha ha", I say. filthy Americans, with your "bullpen help", and your "non-waiver trade deadlines", and your "fast cars", and your "deodorant". You make me, how you say, seeck to my belly. I go now.


  1. That must have taken you a while to get all the phonetics right...I am impressed...Also, do you have a lot of time at work??? Just kidding.

  2. What a fraud, not a single "eh" in the entire message.

  3. Hey X-
    Now I kick your ass, eh?