Thursday, August 02, 2007

Game Thread

Earl and I will be having beers tonight...Unfortunately, by then, the game will be over. Unless there are millions of extra innings.

So, let's discuss the game now.

By the way, the White Sox crushed Clemens in the top of the second. All-in-all...8 runs scored. I was happy (insert light and cheery background music here). the bottom of the second the Yankees scored 8 times (and the inning isn't over, yet!). (insert dark, brooding music here with a rising maniacal laugh).


  1. Damn Orioles! Why did they have to score?

    3-1 Sox in the top of the fifth. Mirabelli and Hinske go back-to-back.

  2. This is some thread!

    7-3 Sox after a crazy 7th inning. Bring in Gagne!

  3. Sorry, I've been in a meeting... Gagne, it looks like. Unless the Sox score a bunch right now.

  4. That BadSox-Yanks game is awesome. Garland entered the 2nd with an 8-run lead...and could only get one out.

  5. and as usual I'm wrong - for some reason I thought it was a save situation.

  6. Man, Gagne Ks the first two, and Cora should have had that popup.

    Oh well, I was impressed with what I saw.

    And the Yankees lost, and the lead is once again 8 games.

  7. What I rally like is that the Sox have won the last four series, going 10-4 in the process. The Yanks are 3/4 of the way through their cushy 28 game post ASB schedule and have picked up a grand total of 1.5 games. Despite going 15-6. Although they have narrowed the WC lead substantially. It will be interesting to see how they manage in their upcoming 17 out of 20 stretch against CLE, DET, LAA and BOS.

    Even though they lost today, which is always nice, they did score 9 runs. Clemens does not normally look that bad without having some underlying physical problem. Could be his tired groin is bothering him again. Or maybe he has some hammy issues.