Friday, August 24, 2007

I fell in love with her in 1984 so I might be blinded

So it turns out Alyssa Milano has a Dodger's blog. In a related story, I am rather bored today. Back to Alyssa. So I had a crush on her from 1984 through the early 90's, culminating in her leading role asAmy Fisher in the made for TV movie. Such good stuff. So I couldn't resist reading her blog. Here are some excerpts from some recent posts:

Just as we love our heroes, we also love a good villain. A villain and a hero are two sides of the same coin. They are, in fact, inseparable. A villain doesn’t care what he has to do to achieve a goal. The villain cheats because he feels rules just get in the way and he works alone for what he believes to be “good”. A villain uses intimidation. A villain defies the laws of nature. A villain is only driven by ego. A villain is a character whose actions are important to the entire plot of the story. Barry Bonds is important to the big picture of baseball. He is a great media-made villain to the great socially made hero: Hank Aaron.

Ah... cough... cough.. cough... that's good stuff... funny thing though, she finishes up with,

Right or wrong, it’s over. We are left with judgment relative to our own rights and our own wrongs. Hero or villain, Barry Bonds is our home run king and one of the greatest hitters baseball has ever known.

What are we left with? Nothing really. We are left with nothing and upon further reflection, that’s what makes me a bit melancholy. I sat with my dad and watched a game that I could care less about, while a man I have no compassion for, broke a record in the sport I love and I truly felt nothing. No tears of joy. No goose bumps. Not even anger.


At least it’s over.

Well put! Ah... I can go back to loving her. All is right in the world. Plus, she wrote a pretty funny letter to Grady Little.

I am so happy my youth wasn't wasted in front of the TV.


  1. Hey, remember that day when IBID was bored at work so spent the whole day catching up on baseball news? That was awesome!

  2. Will JD Drew ever get a big hit?

  3. And with that comment, almost nine months later, there appears to be a chink in my armor concerning this signing.