Sunday, August 05, 2007


This is pretty cool - tons of information & stories, in a single graph. Interesting stuff:
  • Ted Williams' massive plateau for WW II (and a smaller one for the Korean War)
  • Griffey's (non-war-related) injury plateaus
  • The two largest accelerations in HR rates are...Palmeiro and Sosa, of course. Both had relatively umimpressive HR totals until they took off in their late 20's-early 30's (Palmeiro was the slowest to the 200-HR about 3 years). McGwire started out fast, slowed in his late 20's, then took off again. Bonds was already well on his way to 500, when at age 34 he started crushing. But we knew that already.
  • Ted Williams was the oldest to join the 500 HR club, at . I had assumed Murray was the oldest.
  • Babe Ruth is insane. Not counting his pitching years, the only hitters to have consistently hit as many HR/year as he did are McGwire and A-Rod.

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