Sunday, August 26, 2007

Can you spell retahded?

I figured that since I had a little momentum I'd go with it, so here's yet another random post:

I saw this note about the Phillie's relief pitcher getting into an arguing match with a reporter in the clubhouse after Brett Myer's gave up 2 homeruns and blew the save. The exchange what something like this:

(non-italics mine, italics are actual quotes)
Reporter: Brett, can you talk for a moment about your thoughts on those 2 homeruns?
Brett: You know, I felt good out there but I wasn't hitting my locations exactly right and you know those were good pitches but the hitter just got enough I mean those were just pop ups.
Inquirer: Brett, sorry to barge in here, but can you say more about why you thought those two homeruns were just pops ups?
Brett: (Standing up, looking pissed off!) You're not even a beat reporter, you're a fill-in, you don't know anything about baseball You're fuckin' retarded.
Inquirer: (Being a prick) Brett, can you spell retarded for me?
Brett: (Outraged being held back by Pat Burrell) You fuckin' piece of shit! I'll fuckin' spell retarded for ya', F - U - C -K - Y - O - U !!!

The Phillies by the way are on a four game skid and presently 7.0 games behind The Mets for the NL East Division and tied with Division rival, Atlanta for 4.0 games back in the wild card. As we all know, Atlanta made the most mid-season moves, but seems to have stalled (3-7 in their last ten, including 1-3 against the Reds). However the Phillies have more to worry about as it looks like their bullpen's wheels are coming off. Beer Leaguer blogs that last night was the 22nd loss given up by the bullpen. (There are some good comments on their game post, an impressive blog!) It looks like it's the Mets' Division to lose.

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  1. By the way here is the transcript of the conversation. I was close!