Monday, August 06, 2007

Coco versus the Moose

The Sox escaped a close one yesterday when Coco was nearly run over by Moose the Mariner. It could have been the most freakish injury of all time. NESN showed the video about 100 times. And I got to watch about 20 extra times courtesy of TIVO because my daughter started laughing hysterically every time she saw the moose on TV.

Could you imagine if the Sox lost him to injury because of that? And Elsbury is on the DL in the minors, so they would have extra pissed off.

In other Mariner news, Jose Guillen popped off that the M's brought up Adam Jones - their top hitting prospect. And then Jones goes and has a pretty good weekend series, while Guillen struggles, including the golden sombrero on Saturday. Once an ass. Always an ass.


  1. We're calling him "Coc" now?

  2. Only because we just played the Ms...

    Did you know that Miguel Batista is not only a pitcher, but a poet and philosopher? He has a picture of Einstein in his locker?

    His book of poetry is entitled "Sentimientos en Blanco y Negro". And he just published a book about a serial killer (fiction).

    He rules!

  3. PS - I am going to the game tonight. a "business" trip takes me to LA. Last time I saw Schilling in CA, good things happened. Of course that was followed by bad things. So I don't know what to make of that.

  4. Francona's quote on this may rocket up my list of favorite baseball quotes ever: "I didn't see it, but I heard it was like a 'Naked Gun' movie," said Francona. "I got enough to think about -- lefthanders, righthanders -- let alone a [expletive] moose on a [expletive] motorcycle."

    I mean... that's just awesome.