Monday, August 06, 2007


The Yankees are done with the "feast on the bottom-dwellers" portion of their schedule. Their last 17 games were against the two bottom teams in the both the Central and East; they scored over 9 runs/game in that stretch. What's cool is that in that time they gained no ground in the standings. But now, 20 of their next 23 games are against teams with winning records; 17 of those are against division or wild-card leaders! This should be interesting.

Also, your 2007 trivia answer: "Clay Hensley." A known 'roider, and now a minor leaguer. Also, his name can be sung to the tune of this song, which is awesome.

Speaking of Clay Henry, I was once on a flight with him. Not too exciting, but for a little while it was the closest I came to a celebrity sighting in LA. But then I helped Flavor Flav get his luggage onto an airport shuttle (from the economy lot). In terms of celebrity sightings, you really can't do much better than that.


  1. Although a few years back I was in NYC with a buddy to see Pavement play at Roseland. We went into the city early and did the whole "beer in a paper bag" thing and sat outside the Ed Sullivan studio (where Letterman tapes). We saw Paul Shaffer and Biff Henderson...

    But then we were walking around downtown...Who walks by? Nipsy Russell! Now that is pretty random...Plus, his name is awesome.

  2. "What's cool is that in that time they gained no ground in the standings."

    They did make EIGHT games in the Wild Card and are now only a half game back.

    It shojuld be good to see if they can keep hot against some good teams finally. I was scrolling through the starting pitchers that they have beaten since the ASB and in the 25 games since the break, the only two pitchers they have beaten who could qualify as league average (or better) are James Shields, Gil Meche and Shawn Marcum. The rest all have ERA over 5.00.

    In other Yankee news, Mike Myers was released.

  3. They did make EIGHT games in the Wild Card and are now only a half game back.

    Well, sure, but some of that had to do with the Sox playing (and beating) two of their main three competitors. They HAD to gain ground in one of the races. And I prefer the WC to the AL East.

  4. With the exception that the Sox would make the playoffs if the Yankees don't catch them, I still don't want to play the Yankees in the post-season.

    I know that pitching wins championships, but this Yankees team could bash their way through the playoffs...

    And they play the Sox well ALWAYS.

    I'd rather not play them in the playoffs...

  5. I agree. My point was just that since the Sox have played WC contenders the last couple weeks, the Yanks would have to benefit somehow. I'd much rather have them gain ground in the WC race rather than the AL East race.

  6. Plus, a team CAN bash their way through the playoffs, but it's tough to remember any who really have. Great offensive/power teams have made it to and won the WS, but they've also been backed up by excellent pitching (see both 2004 WS teams, the 2003 Yanks...). But you're hard pressed to find a team that's made it all the way through to the WS with lousy pitching; the closest ones I can think of in the last ten years are the 2006 Cardinals (4.53 ERA, 97 ERA+) 2000 Yanks (4.76 team ERA, 107 ERA+) and the 1997 Cleveland Indians (4.73 Team ERA, 100 ERA+).