Saturday, August 18, 2007

News from around the Blogsphere

Jay Mohr truly sucks as a columnist and a blogger. I doubt this comes as a surprise to most people. However given my personality I always like to give the benefit of the doubt to people. So I read his post and an article of his Foxsports.poop. I was turned on to his writing by the crafty folks at Deadspin. And wow, he SUCKS. First off, he is oddly defensive in his blog. Apparently, there were a lot of posts that mentioned how much he sucked and how he is a has-been. Honestly, I don't care either way, but if I had a column, even on a pseudo-news-outlet I would never spend any time defending myself. It just seems silly. That being said, his writing does suck. So maybe there is something to his being defensive! My favorite part of the one article I read, is that he comments on how he hates people describing a black athlete as "well spoken" and then two sentences later claims he hates hockey because "I can't root for a guy whose name on the back of his jersey has no vowels." What the? I agree it is not ok to be a racist, but I would also say that it is not ok to make fun of different ethnicities. Ah, that's fox for ya! Make it sound like they are fair and balanced when in fact they are as unbalanced as humanly possible.

Honestly, anything to distract me from Gagne's-gag-me.


  1. My interesting note from the Blogoshpere is that apparently there is either trouble in paradise with Ben Grieve and Lindsay Whalen. They became engaged a few months back. It was semi-widely reported in the sports world. Someone, okay me, updated their wikipedia entries to note they were engaged. And now, those notes are gone. Someone felt the need to erase (apparently) factual info from the wiki. Is there a conspiracy here?

  2. My favorite part of the Mohr rant is that he brags that writing is easy to him and then he has silly typos. Classic.