Friday, August 24, 2007

Red Sox Closer Admits Having a Slutter

No that's not a typo, it's just a slow news day. So slow in fact that I had to go back to Wednesday's Globe to find something interesting. Actually, I really first heard about the news from the folks at Fire Brand of the AL. They did a piece on Papelbon and whether or not he is the best closer in the league. They make a pretty good argument that Papelbon is a top closer. Still I don't think he is the best this year and still has a lot to prove. As the folks at Fire Brand point out, one of the other 4 players to start their career with 2 straight seasons of 30 saves was no other than Billy Koch! (Kaz Sasaki and Todd Worrell being the other two). Man, what happened to Billy Koch? As it turns out, he ended his career by sticking it to the Blue Jays (signed and then quit forcing them to pay the rest of his contract).

Anyway, back to Papelbon's slut... (Boobs of Hazel Mae?!)... I mean slutter. Apparently, Pap has a new pitch which is a cross between a cut-fast ball and a slider, hence "slutter". And if you're wondering what the chair has to do with this, well that's what you get when you google "slutter".


  1. I've had more than a few slutters in my day.

  2. Didn't read the firebrand thing, but I think Putz would have something to say about who is the best closer.

    He is having the best year of any closer since Gagne's ridiculous CY Young year. And Putz was outstanding last year as well.

  3. to there credit, the do list Putz as one of the best if not the best this year.