Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The GYS jinx continues

GR, 9:06 am:
"Meanwhile, Baltimore seems to be playing pretty good baseball."

Later in the day:
Texas 30 (most runs scored by a team in 110 years), Baltimore 3

Gabbard got the win; Wes Littleton got the save. Seriously.


  1. Someone should have posted that Reyes seems to have bounced back from his blown save against the Sox. Either that or maybe our manager usese Manny Ramirez in 2-1. game.

    Okay, i'll attempt a little magic - Pettite has been the best Yankee pitcher in the past couple of weeks. I imagine they should be able to salvage one game in ANA.

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  4. Wow...that whole Pettitte thing didn't work. Obviously the Yankees are not affected by what we post here which is why they'll win the rest of their games this year(he posts with fingers crossed that the jinx really does work).

    And I agree about the using Manny thing. The days off thing is good...sometimes. But there is no way that this team should score 1 run against the D-Rays when Kazmir isn't starting.

    I have an your stars everyday until the division is out of reach. Not for nothing, but if the Sox don't win the division there is a very good chance they won't make the playoffs.

  5. And sending up Drew as a pinch hitter is silly. I know he got a hit, but it was a single. Ortiz was the tying run on first and due to earlier subs, they had noone to run for him.

    They needed an XBH Drew has no homers since June. Only 7 XBH in the last month. His single was useless.

  6. DET thought getting Zumaya back would be the answer to all their problems. Well not today. Which of course is fairly akin to declaring the Gagne trade a disaster after obnly two weeks.

    If Gagne has a couple solid outings next week in NY, that will shut everyone up about it.