Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Equal time

Since everyone followed Bronson Arroyo's home runs when he was traded to the Reds, it's only fair that we do the same for Wily Mo with the Nats...

In 3 games: 5 for 11, with 2 HR and 3 BB. 3RBI, 4R, OPS of 1.667



  1. Looks like the best way to get Papi out of his slump might be to trade him.

    Nice little gag job by the NYY last night. Of course that is what happens when they have “fixed” their bullpen with a guy that can’t pitch on consecutive nights and another guy with a 5.4 ERA who combine for 12 major league innings. Actually I think we should start a pool on when Torre goes back on his word that Joba won’t be used back to back (actually he gets one night off for each day pitched) nor will he be used to replace a pitcher in the middle of an inning. Seeing how it took Torre about a week to break the multiple inning rule with Mo this season, I would guess next week vs. Boston.

    As long as the Sox roll into NY up 6 or 7, all will be fine. Even 5 is okay. Puts a lot of pressure on them for needing a sweep. And with Dice-K, Schill and Beckett going, that would be a stretch. Yankee fans now know how the Sox fans felt for years – they are sitting there going…..if we can just keep hitting like this…. And the pitching stays healthy…. And we win 5 of the 6 games head to head….. a lot of ifs and that’s what we used to do.

    On the plus side, I just put in notice with my boss that I will need the first weekend off in August 2029 to attend the hall of fame induction ceremony for Joba Chamberlain.

  2. Jair Jurrjens has a no hitter through 5 innings. Extra points if you know what team he pitches for without having to look it up.

  3. Best guess is the Marlins?

  4. I don't know who he pitches for, but I'm pretty sure he was on my favorite WBC team, Netherlands!

  5. Yup, Jair Jurrjens has already been mentioned at gys here and here.

  6. My jinxes continue.

    Nice win by the Sox. Lester still walks too many guys - guess its a habit of young pitchers. Hughes walked 5 Angels last night (and that is hard to do).

  7. Yeah, Lester is sort of wild which is a bit frustrating, but he is young. He doesn't have the overpowering stuff that other hard throwers do, so he is trying to learn to paint the corners...And when he misses on a pitch, major league hitters make him pay (see Pena and Imagureajlndfqawa last night).

    All the Sox have to do in those head-to-head series are win one out of three each time at worst. The Yankees would only gain 2 games in the standings while winning 4 of 6. Then the Sox hopefully can continue to hammer on the D-Rays down the stretch.

    Meanwhile, Baltimore seems to be playing pretty good baseball. Which stinks because it seems like the Sox have quite a few left against them, too.

  8. Exactly - make them feel the pressure of needing a sweep.

    The Sox just need to take care of business. BAL has been playing a little bit better of late, but I think it really is a bit of smoke and mirrors. Bedard has been on fire and has carried them the last two months. BAL have won his last 12 starts (he is 9-0 in those games). They are 6-4 in their last 10 games, but Bedard was the starter in 3 of those games.

  9. Meanwhile, my family and friends in Jersey are Yankees fans. They keep reminding me of the 5 game sweep last year. Then I remind them that basically the Yankees were playing the AAA Paw Sox with the addition of Ramirez. Everyone was hurt, and that won't happen again with this pitching staff.

    In a weird side note, Offerman pleaded NOT guilty to the assault charges...Umm, wasn't it photographed?

  10. Yeah the starting pitchers in the first two games of that series were Jason Johnson and Jon Lester. And the bottom of the order was Hinske, Lopez and Gonzalez. Rudy Seanez and Julian Tavarez were the "anchors" of the bullpen.

    Ask them how much they would like to bet on a sweep of only three games this year.

    Not that it matters since they are likely to be 8 games back by Tuesday.

  11. and once that Series is done in NY next week, the Sox have 18 of 28 games at home.

  12. Wow. Texas is playing Baltimore in a doubleheader and has scored 30 runs. In just the first game. They will probably lose the second game 1-0 or 2-1.