Friday, August 31, 2007


Generally speaking, the Sox are still in good shape...

To take something from this past series.
Schilling looks very healthy. That makes the 1-2-3 combo very strong. Our number 4 has 16 wins...The bullpen is very strong.

The pitching is definitely there. There were questions about Schilling, but he's been very good since "resting".

The glaring hole? No Manny. Without rehashing early season posts, there were great concerns about this offense. They have scored a lot of runs. But they've gone through very bad stretches. They have no bench...although that will change tomorrow with the call-ups...

Maybe the Sox will luck out and the Yankees will get the Angels in the first round. Then they won't have to face them in the playoffs. I think that the Sox should think about sending down Lopez today to bring up Ellsbury or someone just so they are eligible for the post-season roster without someone going to the DL (although I am thinking that Snyder will probably get hurt some time this month for that very reason...and perhaps Hinske...).

I think that even the relatively easy games aren't going to be very easy without Ramirez in the lineup. Who in their right mind is going to pitch to Papi?

I think that Drew should be the leadoff hitter for the rest of the year. He is fast. He likes to walk instead of swing. And don't move Lugo or Crisp to the top. Put Papi there.

Guerrero (oh, wait we don't have him)

Yes, you have a weak bottom of the doubt. But you get Papi and extra at bat...After the first go-round it doesn't really matter in the AL.

I don't know...they need something to happen. I am not thinking that the lead will grow this weekend with the Yankees playing the D-Rays and the Sox facing the O's....

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  1. Elsbury and anyone else (actually two anyone elses) will be eligible for the post season even without tinkering with the lineup today. With Donelly and Clement on the DL, the Sox have the flexibility to replace them with tow player from the minor leagues. Prior to 2007, the replacements had to be the same position - this year the rule chnaged.

    I sure hope this Manny situation is not something like last year and lingers and lingers for the rest of the season.