Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Trade Stuff

Atlanta is a serious contender in the NL East with the addition of Texeira (sp?), and they look to be close in getting Dotel. Look out Mets.

Castillo was a good pickup for the Mets. He's another pesky hitter that gets on base and can steal. With Reyes and Castillo at the top of the lineup as the tablesetters they should score a lot of runs.
Will Pedro coming back be significant???

Linebrink to the Brewers??? Why couldn't the Sox get him again?

I know everyone is hot for Jermaine Dye, but don't count me in as one of them. Not at this point. He's got pop. Yes...But his average is terrible and he wants to play 5 days a week. I have seen him make some great plays in the outfield at Fenway, so I wouldn't be uncomfortable with him out there (as I am with Wily Mo)...But, overall, not someone I would give up a promising arm for...

Gagne? Yes, I would give up the young arm.

I still think that Piazza would be a good fit in Fenway. He still has pop. Papi will need rest, and Piazza could DH. He could be the third catching option. He could play first (no, he isn't great, but he can handle it now and then). They are looking for a right-handed bat off the bench.

Let's continue with trade talk as we near the deadline...


  1. I hope nothing big happens. I'm with you on Dye. The fact that the Sox seem so interested says they have some serious concerns about Drew or Ortiz.

  2. ...though I have a good feeling about this Player To Be Named Later...

  3. The Yankees moved Proctor for an infielder (Betemit). They either believe that they have a guy ready to fill that role in AAA, or they are close on Gagne.

    Do the Sox DFA Pena if they don't trade him within the next two hours?

  4. Or...how about this...

    Sports Illustrated is reporting the Sox are sending prospects to the Rangers for Gagne, and that the deal has been agreed upon in principle. Gagne just has to waive his no-trade clause...

    I'd say it was Hansen, and Murphy or Moss, plus (maybe) Masterson from AA.

  5. I can't figure out that move by the Yanks. Sure Proctor is sketchy and torre has ridden him like a rented mule. But what other options do they have? They appear to be getting Jaba the Hut chamberlain ready to pictch out of their pen - supposedly he is a great arm. blah, blah, blah. A year ago, Hughes was the future that would rescue them, today it is chamberlain. Maybe he will be great. Maybe he will implode like Chase Wright or even Craig Hansen when he was first brought up. A strange move by the Yanks.

    Gagne would definitely help the Sox and I have a feeling Murphy is the centerpiece in that deal - TEX supposedly really like him - they also like Lester, but I think that is way too much.

    I'm not upset about not getting Linebrink. He has been a disaster this year. Lost his role as 8th inning guy. And can't get guys out, especially outside Petco (1.69 WHIP away and his strike out rate from last year is half).

    I think I can like having Gagne. One more power arm.

  6. We'll see if Gagne waives his NTC. As much as I'd love this to happen, I have my doubts. He won't be the closer...he won't even be the main set-up guy...

  7. I think that Gagne will get a lot of chances to close in Boston.

    Yes, Papelbon is the guy, but he can't go out there everyday.

    Okajima is a ridiculous setup guy this year. But they miss the right-handed setup guy, and I don't have that much confidence in Delcarmen to carry that burden in the playoffs.

    Adding Gagne to the mix basically makes it a six-inning game.

    Plus, the Sox could probably guarantee him a ton of appearances in September with a big enough lead...AND he goes to a World Series contender in a contract year?

    I think Gagne has no problem with this deal at this point.

  8. One of the names reported on MLB is Kason Gabbard...

    Gabbard, and two minor leaguers for Gagne. Even if it is Moss or Murphy...good deal for Boston.

  9. X, to reply to your Yankees confusion...I am right there with you. Why a so-so infielder for a good reliever. Seriously, for as much crap as I've heard about Proctor, look at his numbers (especially July).

    Throw in that it now looks like they don't get Gagne, and they've weakened themselves.

  10. all this talk of closing opportunities, contenders and WS appearances is missing the much larger point. Its all about the $$$$. Gagne has $3.5MM in incentives based mostly on games finished. His agent is Scott Boras. And Boston is one of 15 or so teams that he can not be traded to without his consent. So the real question is not the opportnity, but how much of that $3.5MM do the Sox guarantee. Plain and simple. All the other talk is agent and industry speak for money.

    As for WMP - I highly doubt he would get DFA's even if they landed a bat (Hinskie would be the more logical piece to dump). WMP still has too much potential and I'm sure they could move him at some point this winter. Maybe I'm wrong. And WMP will likely get $4-5MM next year in arbitration, so he gets less and less attractive to the smaller market teams. We'll see.

  11. Yeah, but Hinkse is the guy who spells Youk at first, or plays first while Youk plays third and Lowell rests...or plays RF for Drew...you get the idea.

    And, yeah, if Gagne gets his money, it is a done deal.

    And, while the deadline is today...let's not forget those waiver deals as teams really fall out of it next month.

  12. Hey...I shouldn't write this, but here it goes...

    One year ago today the Sox were 63-41. Today they are 64-41.

    By the way...Gagne just agreed...

  13. And the Red Sox could end up in thrid place again if the same things that happened last year happen to them again this year:

    Tek needs knee surgery and misses all of Aug and half of Sep
    Manny misses the last week of AUG and much of SEP
    Ortiz misses two weeks due to a heart scare
    Drew (replacing Nixon) misses all of AUG and the first week of SEP
    Papelbon and Lester essentially miss all of SEP
    One of their top starters (las year Schilling) misses a month with a sore shoulder in late Aug/Sep

    Did I miss anything?

    Not to mention that the Yanks and Sox were basically tied at this point last year as well. And the bullpen last year was not nearly as effective as they are this year.

    As odd as the Yankee moves are, I am also suprised that DET, CLE, ANA and SEA basically did nothing to improve thier teams.

  14. yeah...last year was horrible...

    Cleveland got Lofton which is an upgrade I guess. but not bullpen help??? Crazy.

    Detroit did nothing...but maybe they thought that they were in good shape and guys are coming back from injuries.

    I was pretty sure that the Angels would go after a bat...

    I wish the Sox had gotten a bat, but it looks like the latest reports had the White Sox demanding 2 out of the following 3 (any combination). Delcarmen, Hansen, and Masterson.

    Not for a fourth outfielder...