Thursday, July 05, 2007

Where's the Power?

According to the Globe today, the Sox have hit 4 homers in the past 12 games. They have a commanding lead in the standings, and two sluggers in the middle of the lineup. Neither are, um, slugging.

So, where's the power?

Mike Lowell and Ortiz are tied for the team lead in HRs at 13! Can I remind you that we are just a few games from the All-Star break?

Now, HRs aren't everything. The Sox have scored 411 runs so far in 83 games. 4.95 runs/game if anyone cares. They are also 21 games over .500 at this point.

So, is there any reason for concern? I think so. The lack of pop in the lineup means that pitchers aren't paying for their mistakes. This could also hurt them come the post-season as teams need the long ball because stringing together solid at-bats against great pitching is tough. It can be done, but having power helps.

Magadan is the hitting coach. He was never known for power. He was a great contact hitter that sprayed the ball all over the place. Could he be the reason?

They have plenty of time and a big enough lead to really look at this situation. Yes, they need another reliever (although Timlin's last two outings have been more like his old self, Delcarmen has been impressive, and Oki and Paps have been great). But, they could definitely use another bat. Don't know who that is, or where you would play them once they got here...but I am sure the Front Office can figure that out...


  1. "Don't know who that is, or where you would play them once they got here...but I am sure the Front Office can figure that out..."

    Put that together with there is noone available and I think we are *stuck* with what we have.

    I would much rather have minor hitting woes than pitching problems.

    Ortiz is hurting. I assume we will hear an announcement any day that he is not going to the All Star Game.

    Ramriez will probably come to life soon. Crisp and Drew are finally showing signs of life.

    Who is their real competition?
    For the division? It would take a major breakthrough in NY.

    In the playoffs? Anaheim's offense has even less power. They have great speed and put pressure on the defense, but still score about the same number of runs as the Sox. Not to mention the Sox own them. Detroit? Serious bullpen issues. Remeber the Sox in 05 and how awful thier pen was? Detroit's is even worse. Cleveland? Also serious pen issues. What they really need in October to be successful is rain. Lots of it.

    I think the glass is way more than half full with this team.

  2. True that Magadan was not a slugger, but neither was Ron Jackson, the man he replaced.

  3. ...AND...the Sox hitters get a grand slam and a three-run homer in the first 2 innings.

    ...The Grieve Jinx strikes again!!!

  4. I was hoping for the Grieve Jinx...

    I agree that this team is very good as is...adding another bat wouldn't be a bad thing.

    Ellsbury got sent back down, so Crisp will get all the playing time in center field.

    Some guys that are out there. Basically the entire Texas Rangers team (with the exception of Young). That, at least means that Texiera is available...Of course that means that Lowell gets traded, and Youk moves to third. Not sure how I feel about that, but I imagines that the FO is thinking about that.

    Torii Hunter could be available if the Twins continue to sputter. Pair that with the fact that they are interested in Lowell and it could get done.

    I know the Sox own the Angels. But Cleveland and Detroit still bother me.

    I just feel that in the post-season, with the pitching you face, you need some pop in the lineup to get it done. It is difficult to string together those hits and walks...

    Guys on the Sox that could go...
    Tavarez (although he's a fine #5 who could go to the pen come the playoffs)

    Top Minor League
    Gabbard (technically on the Sox now)

  5. I just don't see where the BIG move can be made.

    I really doubt Teixeira is available from the Rangers. first of all, he is currently sitting on the DL. Secondly, he is the face of the team. And he is signed through 2008, so the Rangers will want a TON in return. None of the guys on the list of players that "could go" are going to get it done for Teixeira, with the possible exception of Hansen - if you throw in two of the following Bucholz, Lester, Delcarmen, Ellsbury, Bowden. The Rangers are going to want two elite prospects for dealing Teixeira. And with a lot of other teams (who have great prospects as well) like Angles, Dodgers, Mets, looking for a bat, the Rangers will not give him away. He is signed for next year, they can bring him back and deal him next summer. Or get the draft picks.

    And Teixeira may still have ill will toward the Sox even though it was Duquette that screwed him.

    Hunter talk = crazy talk. Coco is finally hitting and you want to deal him for an upgrade for a half season?

    I like having Snyder in the pen, but agree he could be moved in the right circumstances. The rest of those big league guys have little or no value (save perhaps Tavarez). I expect Piniero to be released very shortly after the ASB, or at least moved to another team for basically nothing (depends on how much $$ each team is willing to pay of his $2MM remaining).

    Not sure what you would do with Lugo without eating about $20MM of that contract - and that is not the type of deal that gets made mid season.


    WMP? Only if someone gets desperate - but you won't get anything that can help this year in return.

    I'm trying to stay focused on the fact that they have the best pitching in the AL. This DET series should be a good test. I fully expect the SOX to win one game against the DET pen. And I like the pitching matchups from the Sox perspective.

  6. I guess the bottom line is that the FO is not going to make a move for the sake of making a move. The talk radio types were screaming that they did nothing last year. In the long run, that was the right thing to do. Sure it was pure luck (albeit mostly bad luck) that the team broke down. But I suspect they knew the odds were long.