Sunday, July 29, 2007

Donnie? Not...Donnie!!!

Donnie Sadler was suspended for using a banned substance.

I'm with Schilling on this. I think all his records should be erased from the books.


  1. "With the parent club (for which he played 1 game), he was knocked unconscious during batting practice when a ball struck him in his head before a May 12 game against the New York Mets."

    Dude, that sucks. I don't remember that happening at all though.

  2. First Manny Alexander, now Sadler. I hope they don't test Alex Cora any time soon.

    Last night's game was pretty good. Willis came right after Bonds, which was nice to see.

    A nice flashback to 2004 with Dave Roberts leading off the 9th and getting on - that lead, with both arms dangling. He didn't run until a 3-2 count, but being off witht he pitch he scored on a single (it would have been a single if no throw to the plate and was generously scored a double), with that great Dave Roberts slide as he crossed the plate with the tying run.

    And then the Giants won in the bottom of the 9th - Durham singled in the winning run (scored a single on a hit that would have been a double), with Bonds in the on deck circle. The fans were cheering having secrued the W, but you knew most people would have rather had Bonds get another AB.

  3. Yeah, given Barry's record is the only thing the Giants fans have to root for now, a W really isn't as exciting as a HR.

    Kazmir's up to 84 pitches; 20 more and Sox get to face the bullpen.

  4. Wow...I was way off. I thought that Donnie Sadler had died. Which Paw Sox guy was that? Dernell Stenson?

  5. Yeah, Stenson got shot in AZ, but I think he had long been traded/moved on from the Sox system.