Monday, July 16, 2007

Dumbass of the week

From NYT's article on the "New Gilded Age":

Other very wealthy men in the new Gilded Age talk of themselves as having a flair for business not unlike Derek Jeter’s “unique talent” for baseball, as Leo J. Hindery Jr. put it. “I think there are people, including myself at certain times in my career,” Mr. Hindery said, “who because of their uniqueness warrant whatever the market will bear.”

He counts himself as a talented entrepreneur, having assembled from scratch a cable television sports network, the YES Network, that he sold in 1999 for $200 million. “Jeter makes an unbelievable amount of money,” said Mr. Hindery, who now manages a private equity fund, “but you look at him and you say, ‘Wow, I cannot find another ballplayer with that same set of skills.’ ”

I can think of roughly twelve reasons why I hate that man.


  1. Are the twelve reasons, the 12 shortstops that you would rather have on your team?

  2. That, and the fact that he sounds like a douchebag.

  3. ...I swear, every time Jeter makes an error, or fails to get to a ball that most other shortstops would've gotten to, I will tell myself, "Wow, I cannot find another ballplayer with that same of skills."

  4. My favorite Jeter quality is the fact that he seems to know when he is on camera and makes his "I am concentrating so hard" face.

    The only problem is that is not a unique face, as his third baseman is just as good, if not better than him at it.

  5. In an unrelated note, Arturo Gatti announced his retirement. I can't help but remember those Gatti/Ward fights...Why, oh why can't boxing promoters create more matchups like that???

  6. I saw the Gatti fight Saturday and he looked awful. To lose to Gomez, whop has no skills and is very slow, it was awful. And the ref let Gatti keep getting pounded because Gatti wanted to be like the fighter he was 7 years ago, but couldn't muster the strength. It got so bad, the NJ Boxing Commissioner jumped in the ring to stop the fight.

    There are lot of fights like that (old Gatti - Ward, or at least the first and third fights in the trilogy), you just have to look hard to find them.

    The "mainstream" fights and fighters are too managed. Hell, the undercard Sat had a couple of decent fight - Kermit Cintron destroyed Walt Matthysse and Paulie Williams showed a lot of action. And the fight of the year so far (Pavlik - Miranda) was pretty damn awesome.

    Most people have never heard of any of these guys, as they are focused on the names. Mayweather - ODLH was good, but people also spend way too much time foucing on guys like Klitschko and B-Hop.

  7. I actually went to a fundraiser (volunteering, mind you) at Leo Hindery's place on the upper east side. it is ... nice. he's actually a really nice, really warm guy. his only flaw is this yankees thing.