Friday, July 06, 2007


November 22, 2005:
Johnny Damon: "Most Durable Active Player in the Major Leagues"

Meanwhile, since June 13 (17 games) Coco's been slugging .759, and just passed Damon in OPS yesterday.


  1. And just like the Yankees to pay for his PAST performance.

    In other news....

    It looks like Arroyo is trying to give WMP a run for his $$ in the HR department. Then again, WMP might be able to pitch better than Arroyo has this year.

    Neifi Perez busted for PEDs. Although the report was a banned stimulant.

  2. Sad thing is, WMP has only 3x the AB than Arroyo does this season.

  3. Looks like Gardenhire is having some fun at Ozzie's expense today.

  4. I have not been a very frequent visitor over at 38 pitches. But I did think when Curt got hurt that it might be the end of his blog. I even thought about putting a comment up here making that prediction. I'm not sure if I hesitated because I really don't care or it was possible that given extra time Curt would write even more - after all, with him not being active, he wouldn't quoting for writers. Turns out, my first instinct might be correct. No word from him in a couple weeks. And he even said over two weeks ago that he would answer questions soon.