Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Anyone watch?

I don't think I've paid close attention to an ASG since 1999, which of course was one of Pedro's career highlights. He was so awesome that night, his arm fell off.

And it's hard to imagine that back then the scariest hitters were in the NL (McGwire/Sosa/Bagwell/Walker/Larkin). This year, which lineup scares you more: Ichiro/Jeter/Ortiz/A-Rod/Vlad/Magglio/I-Rod/Polanco, or Reyes/Bonds/Beltran/Griffey/Wright/Fielder/Martin/Utley? Umm...

So I missed Ichiro's inside-the-parker, which is too bad. But not having to listen to Buck and McCarver for 3 hours probably made it all worth it. Right?

1 comment:

  1. It actually was one of the more intersting games in a while.

    By now we all have become expert at ignoring them.

    The pregame was way too contrived. When it was Ted in 99, that was spontaneous and real. With Mays, they tried too hard.

    HR was awesome. Ichiro was rounding third before Griffey even got to the ball (or at least that seemed like it). He made it standing up and had even trotted slowly out of the box. If he was allowed to keep running, he probably could have gotten back to first again.