Sunday, July 15, 2007


...where is everybody?

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  1. Wow...the Sox now have a nine-game lead. The scarier trend is that they are two games under .500 since the last day of May.

    Remember that time when we said stuff like "if the Sox play .500" then the Yankees will need to play .600 (or something like that.

    Well, what if the Sox play under .500 the rest of the way? Yikes? They won't play under .500 the rest of the way. But, it does look like maybe Tavarez's effectiveness is gone, and not having Schilling in the rotation is a bit of an issue. Of course, he'll be back by the end of this month...

    And how about that offense?

    There will be trades made...I can feel that something is in the works. And I think it is going to be someone everyone loves will be traded or something...Or a move that makes everyone go "WHAAAAAAAAA?" (in the best Moe Scizlak in "That move doesn't make any sense..."

    It's a good thing they have a lead. But I wouldn't be too comfortable for too long. They need to get going!