Saturday, July 28, 2007

X on Bonds

Today at 6:05 pacific, I will be settling into my seat at PacBell and sometime around 6:20 or 6:30 BLB will (possibly) take his first shot at tying Aaron. I say possibly, since I full anticipate him to get walked pretty much every at bat until he reaches the record. Who wants to be the pitcher that will be an answer to a trivia question, in a bad way. I doubt he breaks the record tonight, but it would be nice to be there - hell even pretty cool if he hits one and ties.

Attending tonight's game is a complete fluke - something that has been planned for about six weeks. Bonds have never really bothered me. I don't like. I don't dislike. I may be one of the few indifferent people in the country. But he IS going to break the record. And it would be pretty cool to be there.

Ironic that the week Bonds breaks the record may be less taxing for Selig than either David Stern or Roger Goodell. Who would have thought that.

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