Saturday, July 14, 2007

Very important question

Last night I heard one of the WRKO guys say "So Manny now has 51 RBI on the season". Obviously I was struck by how small the number was; but I also noticed that he clearly said "RBI" rather than "RBI's". Is that the new thing now? Or have people always been doing that?

Anyway, I get the point - it's Runs Batted In, so the feeling is the "s" shouldn't be at the end. But since when has that been the rule? Like: what about "POW's"? Does anyone say "There may still be several American POW in Southeast Asia"?

Like I said, very important question. I think the rest of the Red Sox season may depend on it.

Also - Julio Lugo Awesomeness Watch: 9 for his last 26, with 1 HR, 3 BB, a 3 SB.

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