Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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Why, you ask? Just today I learned (at plunkbiggio) that Doug Eddings was the guy who made this godawful call also. I hate that man.

(Am I the only one who posts anymore?)

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  1. Work has been crazy, so little time to post. But for some reason I find time to comment....

    Eddings is actualy not a bad ump when it comes to balls and strikes - he just has had his share of controversy on non-strike calls.

    As for the Sox - game number 100 tonight. If they win, they will be 61-39. I think they can and will do better, but let's say they go 10-5 against the Rays and .500 against everyone else. That is 94 wins. Which means the team from NY would need to 41-21 to match them.

    We actually helped the Yanks last night by beating CLE.