Sunday, July 22, 2007


Yeah, it was a home run. All you can do is catch the ball, run it in and throw it back and hope that they don't call it.

- Rob Mackowiak, after Friday's non-HR call

I don't think I've ever seen a ballplayer be so candid about a bad call in favor of his own team. Usually it's, "I didn't see where it hit - I was focused only on getting to the ball and getting it back to the infield as soon as possible." Or "The umpires had a better view than I did." Even the most honest or smart ones only implicitly acknowledge the error: "You know, the umps get it right 99.9% of the time; when there's a difficult call, sometimes its for your team and sometimes it's against your team."

...Of course, the White Sox lost by 7. Had they won by 1 or 2, he might have said something else.

(Anyway, first back-to-back wins since July 4-5. Let's keep this up, please.)


  1. Apparently Lester is getting the call tomorrow in place of Tavarez - that will require a roster move. I assume the roster move will be Javy Lopez - he has options and has cooled a bit. Delcarmen has pitched too well to be sent out and same with Gabbard.

    Maybe there is an injury lurking. Or maybe a bigger move - life dfa'ing Piniero or WMP in antcipation of being able to get something for either of them before July 31.

    And now the role of Tavarez is uncertain as well.

    Back to back (and back) wins are nice. Keep those days of the calendar falling off with the Yanks not being anywhere near close.

  2. Lester is back...The move was to DFA Piniero. I can see a team needing an arm taking him...

    Also, I agree about the DFA for Wily Mo...but it would be in conjunction for a move of attaining a fourth outfielder.

    And I agree with the statement "keep those days of the calendar falling off"...But I'd rather have them dominate and not just hold on...

  3. All those runs are nice, but watch, the Yanks will lose to the royals tonight something like 2-1.

  4. So there it is, the Joel Piniero era in Boston is over.

    The way the pitching market is, they may actually get someone to take him and the approximately $1MM he is owed. The price in return should be about a bag of baseballs.

  5. That is the "almost out of the basement" Royals!

    Secondly, the Rockies have been asking about Manny Delcarmen and Julian Tavarez. I know the Sox love Helton, but the Rockies probably won't part with him if they are looking to power up for the stretch run here (as opposed to becoming sellers)...He might be exactly what the Sox need, though. What about Lowell in the package with Tavarez and/or Delcarmen? Or is there a three-way deal that they could work in with the Rangers to bring Otsuka to the Rockies and get Helton to Boston?

    I just have the feeling that a huge deal is coming. And with Bucholz moving up so quickly, I could see Delcarmen being dangled as major-league ready relief pitching for some team out there...

    On second thought...I don't think the Sox will trade Tavarez this season. Why? Because Manny Ramirez would be very unhappy...

  6. The Royals actually have a better record than the Sox over the last six weeks. And since the break they have played BOS, CLE and DET and have won two of those series.

    As for the Sox, I can't imagine there is anything significant coming, let alone something huge. Tavarez has sucked lately so he has little value.

    Too bad they did not move him a month ago when he was picthing better.

    I also can't imagine them dealing Delcarmen. Young, cheap and finally lving up to some of his promise. You move him and the bullpen is much weaker, unless you are sure Donelly will be fine.

    I think about the most dramatic thing the Sox will do is deal for a fringe bullpen arm and/or pick up a bat like Reggie Sanders or maybe even a Kenny Lofton for the Dave Roberts role.

    Its more likely the Sox are sellers (dumpers) of WMP or Tavarez than any real talent comes this way.

    I'd be willing to bet a lot of $$$ that come 8/1 it is the same starting 9 and the same rotation as we have today.

  7. I hope that they don't make that "veteran" guy move...Roberts would be a nice story, but why not just get Ellsbury up here for that role just before September. He's probably faster than Roberts at this point...

    Yeah, Delcarmen is cheap, but he's had a 3-week's worth of good appearances (with the exception of yesterday). Plus, he gives the team that wants a prospect for a veteran something better than a prospect.

    My guess is that the Sox go for a big bullpen guy, or another starter.

    However, again, with the lack of power and Ortiz now "more" injured, that a bat will play into the equation.

    The upside of the Sox right now is that they hit pitchers they've seen pretty well. So, in the playoffs, if a team starts all rookies the Sox are done...(and since that is a joke that will never happen, the Sox will hopefully be ok)...

    But what about the Piazza deal? The guy serves as a veteran, right-handed power bat. Also, in a pinch, he can catch, meaning that Mirabelli isn't your late-inning only option as a replacement for Tek...

  8. Excellent point on Elsbury.

    I agree it is a big bullpen arm they are looking for - if they could get a Qualls or Wheeler from HOU (assuming Lidge is off limits).

    A starter? Considering the guys that are available are like Trachsel, Matt Morris, and Contreras, I don't think there is much upgrade there. And there really are no big names out there. And if HOU did decide to move Oswalt or FLA move Willis, the asking price would be Elsbury and Bucholz.

    This team is pretty much a lock for October, so their moves should be focused on winning then. Not upgrading the 5th spot in the rotation.

    The rumors out here are Piazza to either Minnesota or NY (or possibly the Angels) - haven't heard BOS mentioned.