Tuesday, July 17, 2007

3 and 4

Since the All-Star Break:

Ortiz: 9-21, 5R, 7 RBI, 2 HR; .478 OBP, .857 SLG,
Ramirez: 7-20, 4R, 8 RBI, 2 HR; .381 OBP, .700 SLG

Obviously it's early, but pretty encouraging.


  1. Yes...not too bad...

    I would also like to see Youk get hot again, and Lugo continue to heat up.

    The Sox are 3-2 since the break. I'd like to see them sweep KC and take advantage of the fact that the White Sox aren't very good, either.

    It would be nice to get through this homestand with a bunch of wins (while the Yankees have a pretty easy schedule).

    Also, there are many D-Rays games coming...also very encouraging.

  2. Important factoid: "Kason Gabbard" spelled backwards is "Nosak Drabbag".

  3. With a name like No-Sack, he should be pitching for the Yankees.

    I love the projection games...

    The Sox are 3-2 after the break. If they maintain that pace over the last 70 games, they will go 42 and 28 and win 98 games. The Yankess will have to go 52-18 to tie. Of course the beauty of a small sample six is that if the Sox lose tonight, that 3-2 pace falls back to .500 and projects to only 91 wins, meaning NY need only go 45-25. But if the Sox win, the projection goes to 102 wins and NY needs to go 55-15. So pertty much if the Sox win tongith, they are going to win the division.

  4. And one more note - the Gatti-Ward fights really started off as hidden gems. Ward was a journeyman (more than 10 losses on his record) and Gatti was a guy with an up and down career. He had been a promising yung fighter, got hammered by Ivan Robinson (twice) and then entered rehab a coupld of times. He made a mini comeback before getting destroyed by ODLH. He was certainly not an elite fighter.

    The first fight was a non-event. Nobody watched it. It was at foxwoods and I couldn't even convince a friend of mine in NY to make the drive up to see it live.

    Turned out to be fight of the year. Most people that saw the fight, saw it on a replay -especially on a replay leading up to the second fight later that year. I remember we all watched both fights the night of the rematch at my house prior to the GYS dinner.

    It would be nice to have more fights like that (Castillo - Corrales?), but that is just not the way they manage the business and the fighters anymore. Kind of sad. In today's day and age, there may likely never be another Hagler-Hearns. The "elite" guys have too much to lose to fight like that. Very Sad.