Monday, February 21, 2005

Yeah, that about sums it up...

Jayson Stark wrote a pretty good summary of the off-season, which by the way has felt incredibly short. Oh yeah, that's because the Red Sox were World Champions last year!

A couple of items stuck out to me, for what ever reason.

1. 2nd best improved team in the NL - Giants? I must have missed something - who did they get? I am not doubting it, I just can't honestly think of one player off the top of my head the Giants have added.

2. 2nd worst free agent signing - J.D. Drew and Derek Lowe (5/4 years for $91 MM). Wow, that sucks! (They voted Eckstein's 3 year $10.25 MM as the worst) Eckstein isn't a great investment and I would agree it's not a good signing, but it's clearly a stop gap until someone better gets on the market - or maybe they have some one developing in the minors.

3. My favorite section, "Most innovative injuries in the offseason", it's always worth a good laugh or two. Plus it features our boy Rocco.

4. Finally, he mentions Anna Benson's warning to his husband as one of the most bizarre things to happen in the off-season. I think that pre-dated the blog, but I am proud that we jumped on that story right away!


  1. The giants had a decent offseason.

    They could be good. But they are old and need to stay healthy. Their two biggest additions are Moises Alou, who could give some protection to Bonds for the first time since they went to the world series. and they got Armando Benitez to close - closer was a real problem for them last year. Of course if they do make it the post season, he is not known as a money pitcher.

    The giants also got Omar Vizquel and Mike Matheny, which should provide some upgrades up the middle. It is an old team, but they do have the potential to be better.

  2. Thanks GYS founder. I am tempted to write,

    Like I said... I hadn't heard anything big.

    But Alou is significant. Benetiz, Vizquel and Matheny are interesting bits and pieces that could help.

    All that being said, I think if the Giants are a legitimate 2nd for best off season that says more about the lack of moves in the NL then anything else!