Monday, February 21, 2005

President's Day

So I know I'm sounding like a broken record always linking to the same guy, but Murray Chass has a really good article bashing the media about the whole A-Rod-Vs.Red Sox thingie.

"Every player who spoke with reporters last week was asked what they thought of Rodriguez, whether they agreed with what Nixon said. Extended the invitation, some players replied with negative comments, but most of what they said in response to the invitations was far less severe than the resulting articles reflected."

Make sure to check out the headline.

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  1. We are beginning to wonder if Earl's last name is Chass. Are you a family member or on his payroll? Just kidding. It really is so much easier to read him these days. Not sure if that is a product of his turning quite a bit or that the Red Sox are the world champions (damn, it has been a while since that was worked into a post).

    Jesse, those links to the cartoons are not working (I think).

    One more thing on an old subject - remember when Brady Anderson hit his 50 HRs, while now everyone is pointing to steroids, I seem to recall at the time all the talk was about the balls being wound tighter (along with smaller parks). Back then it was all about juiced balls. Naive exuberance or conspiracy?