Monday, February 07, 2005


"Boston, a city once haunted by a cursed baseball team and an irrelevant football team, has been rendered the hub of the professional sports universe in the new millennium."



  1. All sports (with the very notable exception of hockey) are mostly-owned by Boston. The Celtics are in first, the Revs lost in the MLS finals, College Basketball, College Hockey, the Pats, the Sox...I believe the Beantown Bochi Ballers are also what one would call a dynasty.

    So when else has this happened...Off the top of my head it has happened twice before, but I could be wrong...

    The Mets and Giants won the WS and the SuperBowl in 86...The Jets and Mets won it in '69...Any others?

    I would think that the Steelers and Pirates (with the Steelers winning 4 in that decade) would have done it, but I'll have to look that one up.

    I am only thinking WS and SuperBowl here. I am sure there were Stanley Cup winners paired with another sport, but the research gets complicated at that point...

  2. Yes, in '79 the Steelers and Pirates were both Champs.

    That's the only 3 I could find...

    Anyone else?

    What about if we throw in NBA or NHL?

  3. I think the Lakers must have won very close to the Dodgers in '88.

  4. Just as a counter point to all the lovely celebrating.

    Remember that time the patriots lost the Super Bowl to the Bears, then the Sox lost the WS in fall of '86, then the Bruins lost in the Stanley Cup in June of '87, and quickly followed by the Lakers beating the Celtics?

    That was a good time!

  5. 1) I think only the Steelers/Pirates have done what the Pats/Sox just did: Superbowl-World Series-Superbowl.

    2) Jeremy: yeah, that sucked, but don't forget the Celtics won 2 of the previous 3 NBA championships.

    3) Have you guys noticed that some Boston sports fans have been sounding a lot like (gulp) New York sports fans? It's probably all the bandwagoners, which of course makes sense. Still, it makes me ill.

  6. Yes, I have to say that I have noticed a lot of bragging. Quite frankly, a lot of Pats' fans are arrogant. That's a shame because the team is the opposite.

    I don't think that Sox fans have reached that point, yet. We've won one WS, AND ARE THE REIGNING WORLD CHAMPS, but we know that this year is going to be a battle and that just winning last year won't take away any pain if we suck this year...

    Pats fans are to the point where they feel they are unbeatable. While the W's and L's seem to back that up, you would think that Philly didn't show up to the Super Bowl with the comments flying around the city. The final score was 24-21...

    It is unfortunate that instead of enjoying the 3 Super Bowl wins, they are rubbing in other people's faces...

  7. We should get this guy to join our blog!

    This is a perfect rant on sucky Sox fans.