Thursday, February 10, 2005

In response to Dave/Thomas...

...who opened up a new thread in the last Comments section...

Pretty good article in the Times about the Giambi press conference. Mostly because of the really hot Victoria's Secret ad banners.

Hot naked women aside, even YES won't be broadcasting the press conference live.


  1. I'm watching right now on ESPN News.

    He has apologized in every sentance, but has said he can't get into specifics as to what he is apologizing for.

    Very well coached "interview." He is kissing the media's ass right now. Saying they deserve to be talked to first, he is sorry for having lied to them, he wished he could have done a lot of things differently.

  2. Hmmm. They must have some interesting tracking cookies going on at the NY Times. The banners on my Giambi article had a NY times home delivery ad, a weekend at the Westin (where I'm staying this Saturday night) and buy a new car (I'm currently trying to sell my old car and have been on Vehix a lot the last few days).

    Not sure what sites Jesse has been visiting, but maybe getting banners selling woman's panties and bras gives us a clue. I said panties!!

  3. Damn... the banner ad that pulls for me is 50% NY Times. I want to see panties!!! Oh, Dave already made that joke.

  4. It probably shows up on Jesse's computer because it sees so many cookies in his browser for,, and

  5. 1) quickly click on link to see the boobies.
    2) search the page for 3 minutes trying to find said boobies.
    3) hit "refresh" 40 or 50 times in a vain attempt to see the boobies.
    4) give up on seeing the boobies.
    5) make lame jokes at Jesse's expense, in a feeble attempt to mask your jealousy at the fact that he got to see the boobies.

  6. You guys are obsessed with boobies. And panties