Monday, February 07, 2005

Weekend reading

This Canseco stuff is great. I can think of nothing more irrelevant. Yet, it will get media play for about a week after the book comes out. Obviously he will make himself available to every media outlet to promote it, etc. It could be pretty comical.


"The bible of sports," is how he described it to Jeff Miller of the Orange County Register. "It will break records for a sports book. It will be a bestseller and not just here but all over the world. Japan. China. We're getting good reaction from all over. It will be the greatest sports book ever."

How classic is that - the greatest sports book ever. And the scary thing is that he probably believes it. And when it doesn't sell, it will be because of some conspiracy by either the people who track sales or the media.

Unrelated from the Post or the News:

The Red Sox, despite their payroll, actually think Stern (drafted away from Atlanta) has a strong chance to stick as an extra outfielder, though the Canadian Olympian did not play above Double-A last year. One scout, who liked Stern's athleticism, nevertheless said, "I have heard some Lenny Dykstra comparisons. I don't buy it. This guy is more Darren Bragg. A good fourth outfielder."

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  1. First Pete Rose, now this. I hope Carl Everett "writes" a book when he retires.

    The Olney article on this is pretty good. Though he really needs a copy editor: "It was like prosecuting Mrs. O'Leary for breaking a farm zoning while the Chicago burned."