Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What the???

Now I love Pedro for what he did in Boston...I think every Red Sox fan does. But, why would he choose to show up to camp 10 days early this year as opposed to showing up late when he was with Boston?

I am not going to bash the guy. That's not my style (*unless the player is a Yankee). Is it possible that he is more committed to winning now that he is a Met? it a show for all his old fans? Or...did he learn something from Schilling? Or...did he get a taste of the REAL good life from winning a championship and he is now making that his biggest priority with the Mets.

My guess is that Pedro knows there is a lot expected out of him in NY. My guess is also that he wants to be the big star again (since he lost that status with the arrival of Schilling). New York offers this to him. He has the chance to steal the headlines from the Yankees on a continuous basis if he lights up the NL, not just when the Sox and Yankees play. He gets a fresh start. I can see where this might lead him to a decision of heading to the Mets, of showing up early at camp.

With that said, it builds a little ill will in my town. I mean, as awesome as he was when here, he never showed outwardly this kind of commitment. He would light up Fenway when he pitched. No doubt about that. But he'd leave after. He'd never come to camp early. He'd leave around the All-Star break.

As a fan this is confusing...What's up, Pedro?


  1. Eh, who cares. He's just trying to become a Hero in New York, and this was a good first publicity stunt to do that. By the time he started showing up late for the Sox Spring Training, he was already a hero in Boston so figured he had nothing to gain.

    I think when analyzing anything Pedro does -- the same goes for Clemens -- you need to view it through the mindset of a 14 year old. Seriously.

  2. I read somewhere that this (showing up on time/early) was a one time deal. He will assess how it goes and determine if it is something he will do every year.

    Frankly, I don't care what he does. If you had come to me next year and said "The Sox will win the WS with Pedro in 2004, but then he will leave and go to NY, piss and moan about how the Sox disrespected him, and show up in great shape and on time" - I would have said "great. no problem."

  3. One other thought: Pedro left town burning all his bridges. He may be trying now to match his actions with words: "See, Boston disrespected me so much I was forced to come to spring training late". It's just pathetic, really.

    You know what, I'd *much* rather see Clemens's number retired than Pedro's. Who'da thought.

  4. I shouldn't put much faith in it considering I read it in the Post, but there is a "rumor" that Clemens has an unwritten side agreement with the 'Stros that he can ask for a trade to the Yankees if Houston falls to far out of it. Of course last year, they were pretty much out of it and came back from dead after people were saying they should have re-dealt Beltran. Again, consider the source. Maybe he would consider the Sox as well, no one knows. It may not even be true.

    I am also looking forward to the Giambi press conference, which may come as early as tomorrow. Should be the epitome of uncomfortable. I can only think of 3 questions.

    1. How long have you been using (i.e., please incriminate yourself some more)? He won't answer this one.
    2. Why did you lie about it and how do you feel about that?
    3. What now (Many versions here but basically - are you done, what if they void your contract, can you come back, etc.)
    How many versions of the same question can the reporters ask. It should be quite a circus.

  5. Crap. The "press conference" is not really a press conference. It is a chance for Giambi to meet with small groups of reporters, none of which will be televised live. Not sure if that means no TV or just no live TV. And it it is today. I guess I need to make sure I watch SportsCenter.

  6. WTF? Are you channeling Thomas now?

  7. Yeah, I'm off topic. Damn.