Friday, February 25, 2005


I didn't hear it, but allegedly Canseco was on the Chris Meyer show and he was espousing his usual crap about how steroids are not bad, etc. I know you are thinking, no big deal, we've heard that before and I'm tired of all this steroids mess.

The best part about it was he said something to the affect of look what it could have done for the career of Ben Grieve. That Ben Grieve was an Oakland Rookie of the Year just like he and Big Mac, but Grieve never developed the power. Had he juiced, he could have had a monster career. Maybe we should write our own book.


  1. This is now confirmed. In fact, he devotes a whole page in the book to Grieve. The Quotes:

    "Ben Grieve was a kid who needed to take steroids. He had a slow bat, slow feet and average ability ..."

    "Ben always seemed physically weak to me -- and you know, when you're a physically weak player competing against a lot of big, strong guys, that has to play havoc with your mind, your confidence and your performance ..."

    "He has a slow bat, no hand speed, no power, nothing. He's taking up a roster spot some kid definitely could use ..."

    "I could have taken Grieve and turned him into a stud. He would have been the perfect kid to benefit from the combination of steroids and growth hormone."

    "Often I watched Ben while he was batting and I thought, 'here is a player who clearly has a damaged psyche.' I'm not sure how this happens to a major league player, but if he were using steroids and HGH, not only would he be quicker and stronger, but he would have a lot more self confidence. He just seemed timid and scared."

    Okay, I made that last one up. But the others are true.

  2. Also from the book...

    "I remember talking to Ben after he played a series at Fenway, he was with the D-Rays at the time. Talk about a damaged psyche. He kept blathering about some guy in an orange sweater and his group of 'mean' friends that relentlessly taunted him. He never recovered. Roiding would have helped him."

  3. This just in... Ben Grieve sucks?

    It appears Ben is doing his best to win a spot on the bench for the Pirates. Yes, he is trying to win a spot on the bench!

    Mar 5 The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports Pittsburgh Pirates OF Ben Grieve went 2-for-3 with three RBIs as the Pirates overcame a five-run deficit to upend the New York Yankees, 9-6, Friday, March 4. in their exhibition home opener at McKechnie Field. Combined with a single in his only at-bat March 3 against the Yankees, Grieve is hitting .750 off the bench. "You want to make an impression on the manager, that's the way to do it," Pirates MAN Lloyd McClendon said. "Unfortunately, he's in a position where he's competing for a job, and that job is going to be coming off the bench. That means you're thrown into situations where you have to produce."