Thursday, February 10, 2005

This is probably a good thing.

Apparently Reggie Jackson wanted to buy the A's. Or at least be part of a group that will do so.

Had this happened, I could imagine this scenario in a couple years.

George S: Hey old Yankee, how you doing?

Reggie: Great Boss, I just wish we were not 12 games behind the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

George S: Yeah, that is unfortunate for you. What do you think it would take for us to get Danny Haren or Rich Harden.

Reggie: Haren. Harden. Heck, you can have 'em both. I always got those guys confused anyway. Maybe you could send us Jaret Wright if you pay $7.5 million of his contract, I mean you guys don't really use him since he proved he can't handle NY. And how about whatever other prospects you guys have left.

George S: [gargled noise]

Reggie: What's that George, you don't have any prospects left? That's okay. Maybe you could include a player to be named later. Or maybe just some more of that green stuff.


  1. Seriously. That guy is such a Yankee-lover -- has kept close to the team ever since retiring, even talking smack about the Sox last spring -- that he has a serious conflict-of-interest problem.

    Another fun imagined conversation: Owner Reggie Jackson and his GM Billy Beane. Somehow I think Reggie doesn't go for the whole Moneyball thing...

  2. That's funny. I was going to put something in there about Reggie commenting on (and demeaning) the Beane-counter.

    Something like, I need to get me some sluggers here, not a bunch of wusses who go up there looking for a walk.