Friday, February 18, 2005

Great news!

According to Jose Canseco, "one definite side effect of steroid use is the atrophying of your testicles. But here's the point I want to emphasize: what happens to your testes has nothing to do with any shrinking of the penis. That's a misconception."

Oh thank god.

(PLEASE let the season start soon. We're obviously running out of things to talk about. The last two posts have been about male genitalia. And only one of those posts was by Jeremy.)


  1. I think it goes on to say that "shrinking testicles are good because they make your penis look larger."

    Where is the anonymous guy. Its almost like he wanted to hang out with us. Should we invite him to the party?

    I had a little trouble figuring him out. He started (unless I missed something) by saying that the Twins signing Johan was just a precursor for him going to NY, as if he were a Yankee fan. But then he seemed to know a lot about the Twins and, I think, he took some shots at the Yankees.

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