Thursday, February 03, 2005

Random Stuff

1) Here's an interesting take on all the recent stuff going on with A-Rod (scroll down to the Feb 1 post). I never thought about it, but he makes a good point: A-Rod was pretty great in the playoffs (well, except for a couple games), and Jeter...wasn't. And yet only one of them gets all the blame. A-Rod accepts it, Jeter doesn't. Of course, this neglects The Slap, which is huge, but still.

2) From the all-too-rare department: a sports columnist -- from New York! -- goes back to something he wrotes years ago and admits he was way off. The lines when Belichik quit the Jets were classic: "Belichick was just another hustler, another football coach on the make like Parcells, only not as good." Of course he takes some other columnists down with him. The best is "Jets fans should be breathing a sigh of relief today. They should consider themselves fortunate, very fortunate, that Bill Belichick isn't the head coach of their football team."

3) Earlier we were talking about players making a huge deal of no-trade clauses, when it's really about the money. Well, Delgado managed to combine both those considerations into one! Pretty sneaky.


  1. True A-Rod had the better post season, but I think Jeter gets a pass from the Boss for two reasons - one is that he has 4 rings, but more so because A-Rod is flapping off in the media.

    Do you think he gets called to Tampa last week if he doesn't hold his press conference the week before and talk smack about the playoffs, Scilling and the World Champion Red Sox? Myabe. Maybe not.

  2. And, if I recall, A-Rod once again referred to himself as a player of superior quality.

    Not to take on A-Rod's playoff numbers, but just about everyone on the Yankees was on fire for the first three games. Matsui only had 2 hits in the last 4 games and still hit around .400 (same with Sheffield).

    Marty Barrett was unbelievable in '86. What matters is not how many hits you get, but when you get them...

    Where will everyone be on opening night?

  3. Yeah, I forgot about ARod's anti-Jeter comments. Man, that's hilarious. Jeter must be loving this: ARod just keeps making him look better and better.

    True about Matsui and Sheff having great numbers those 1st 3 games, but still, Jeter's weren't so good.

  4. Just to prove that we're not all rabid Arod/Jeter haters on this blog. Wait...what?

    Actually, I just wanted to post a comment on the Delgado tax-equalization clause - brilliant (no wonder he's smiling ear to ear in the photo). He's got a good agent.