Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Since Matt has been MIA

I will throw up a Van Nortwick inspired post:

I think that the thoughts were that last year's Yankees team would be the best ever. I remember comparisons to the '27 Yankees (although, if I recall the Sox outhit them...)...Here is my take on this year's Yankees...If they get Johnson.

They will win the division, but not in the playoffs...My reasons?

Mussina...the only reason he was effective in the playoffs as a starter (the first time in his career) was because he missed a big portion of the season and was rested (that won't happen again)...

Wright...will suck
Pavano...13 wins, a bunch of no decisions...he's a nibbler...these guys get eaten up by teams that are patient.

Who am I missing? Kevin Brown???

Randy Johnson will be great for doubt about that...I can't wait for the first Johnson/Schilling showdown...

So pitcher by pitcher.
Johnson vs Schilling...maybe (and I mean maybe) a slight edge to Johnson (Schill's been in the AL for a year, knows a lot of the hitters and had a great year against lineups with a DH)
Wells vs Mussina...When healthy this is close...What would Wells' record have been with the Sox offense last year? Probably 23-24 wins
Miller vs Wright...Both with injury histories, but I give this to Miller
Clement vs Pavano...can't call this...numbers say Pavano, but who knows?
Brown vs Wakefield/Arroyo...Advantage Sox. Remember Brown's head will explode and Arroyo has a chance to win all 32 of his starts.

So, even with the addition of Johnson, we match up...maybe even are a little better. We have one extra (two extra if you count Halama) starters. Our bullpen is better. Our defense is better. We'll see about offense...Sheffield won't last the year with injuries without the cream....And we could still add a Ben Sheets at the break...

It's hard to say that we've improved our team (being the WS Champs and all) but I have to say that we have...


  1. I'd like to add, for the record, that Arroyo will also get 1-5 wins in relief. That gives him a chance to win 37 games.

  2. That might be a bit of astretch on Arroyo. I mean, if he does make 32 starts, he probably won't appear that much out of the pen.

    Of course I was not saying he will win 32 games. Its just that with the Sox offense, every time Arroyo (and just about any MLB pitcher, well except maybe Kevin Brown) takes the mound, he has a chance to win the game. So Arroyo does have a chance to win all 32 starts.