Saturday, February 05, 2005

I think I should move to Detroit

File this under ridiculous.

So now they have singed two people this winter coming off injury to contracts that seem a bit high. But at least with Percival, a two year deal is not crippling if it goes bad. I know Detroit had some money to spend, but in that division and park I have to believe they would have been better signing a pitcher at a premium (D Lowe or maybe Odalis Perez - hell even a Kevin Millwood).

I know I'm just an accountant, but sometimes I have to wonder about the people running MLB franchises. And Dombrowski has led a team to WS title before, so maybe I'm the fool who thinks just b/c I have done okay in a fantasy baseball league......


  1. Hmmm...This may make me re-order the AL Central.

    The Tigers had some good young arms. Now, if Mags stays healthy, they could be pretty good. Given that 86 games could take that division, am I wrong in thinking they might have a shot to contend?

    If we are giving Cleveland a clear shot, the Tigers have to be given a shot.

    Of course, all these guys may fall apart and then they'd finish last. But...based on health not being an issue they have a pretty decent team.

  2. I guess anything is possible in that division. And if the Tigers stay healthy and productive on offense it is possible. They have some injury risks in Pudge and Magglio and you have to wonder if Carlos Guillen who played last year is going to show up or the one who played in Seattle before that. Guillen and Pudge were (I think) their best offensive players and they had a lot of guys that surprised a bit last year - played solidly, if not stars. Infante played okay. Pena had his best year to date. Guys like Monroe and Inge played better than anyone thought - and they still lost 90 games.

    And their rotation has Bonderman, Maroth, Jason Johnson and who else. won't match up with Sabathia, Millwod, Westbrook. But that truly is a weak division. I think 86 games is about right to win it.

  3. Another reason to move to Detroit...

    ..that's where they'll be holding Superbowl XXXX.

    Isn't that weird?