Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I hate to change such a good subject

Two interesting things from today's globe:

Timing is everything: HBO's Armen Keteyian did a segment titled "Steroids in Major League Baseball" for "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" on Oct. 10, 2000. It remains topical today, even though it didn't get a lot of attention when it aired. The report featured two players, the Rangers' Chad Curtis and Gabe Kapler, who stood up against performance-enhancing substances and took drug tests for the program.

Interesting - I would have thought Kapler among the more likely juicers.

Second item:

Mo Vaughn, appearing with Steve Burton and Michael Smith on WEEI Friday morning, indirectly connected former Red Sox teammate Nomar Garciaparra with steroid usage. Vaughn noted that when you get big and have those kinds of injuries (wrist, heel) at a young age, you open yourself up to questions.

I think someone here has speculated - I'll check the archives.


  1. It was Jeremy with the Nomar call. I love having archives!!!!

    Good call Jerome. Or as your new friend calls you, Mr. Dinosaur.

  2. Ahem...in the same thread some other genius (of the non-dinosaur variety) added:

    "not like it matters, but apparently back in high school Kapler looked like he does now -- he's always worked out a lot (or else he's always been on 'roids), perhaps because he knew his raw talent wasn't quite MLB level."