Friday, October 13, 2006

Welcome Dave Magadan!

I remember this guy taking over 1B for the Mets after Hernandez left. The guy had a sweet swing (reminded me of Olerud) and a ton of plate discipline (a .390 career OBP...he walked in over 11.5% of his plate appearances).

Why am I bringing this up? Because he is the new hitting coach for the Sox.

The downside? He was the hitting coach for the Padres and was fired...because the Padres couldn't hit.

He also wasn't a power hitter (never even hit 10 HRs in a season), so I am not sure how that helps someone like Wily Mo.

My guess is that he was specifically hired to help guys like Youk, Pedroia, Murphy, and Crisp. You know, all the young all-stars we'll have on the field next year.

Anyway, a move by the Sox...better than the "no news" we've been getting.

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  1. But the "no news" has been heating up. John Farrell has been selected as the new pitching a role completely defined. Check out my post..the latest one. And stay well guys. Boy, is it cold here on this foggy and then sunny Saturday morning. Go Tigers...get back Mets.